Chamonix skiing virtually at its best!

2016 has been an exciting year for suchworks. We’ve released a number of awesome titles and are gearing up for the uncoming release of “Alpine Ski VR” this christmas.

As well as creating products we’ve been creating some awesome experiences. One that we’re truly proud of was a collaboration with Fatmap. These guys have an app that allows you to view pistemaps in a full 3d on your phone whilst on the slopes. Not only that, it will geolocate you, show gradient, a flyby and may other features. Blending their insanely detailed maps (I think the Chamonix one is precise to 2m) and our “Alpine Ski VR” engine. We created a breathtaking virtual reality view of Chamonix which was not only skiable, but came with your own helicopter to transport you around.

Check out the video below showing the sheer scale of the area.

It has been a hit at all the major London ski shows this year including:

International Freeski Festival
The Telegraph Ski and Snowboard show
Faction Ski events
Three Valleys Networking Event

Suchworks Ski VR IF3 Fatmap
Skiing Mont Blanc at IF3
Suchworks Ski VR Faction
Faction Ski event Demo
Suchworks Ski VR Three Valleys Fatmap
Three Valleys Networking event at the Shard
Ski VR Suchworks London Ski Show
The London Ski and Snowboard Show

We love creating experiences for events or marketing/advertising purposes, so if you’d like to use us to create a new experience or use an existing ones, then get it touch!

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